Expert Specialty Movers in the Detroit Area
Get a helping hand with those hard-to-move things like server equipment, heavy machinery, and trade show supplies.
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Detroit Specialized Movers

If you are in the need of a certain type of moving company that offers certain options not found anywhere else, then look no further than the pros at Frisbie Moving and Storage. Since 1930 Frisbie Moving has been serving the Detroit area with their specialized moving services. Our moving and storage company will help you with our specialized relocation services.

We offer quite a few options and services for your specialized relocation needs. Our specialized moving company guarantees that your personal belongings will make it to their destination safely. For nearly 80 years we have become the leaders in specialized moving. With our specialized moving options, you have a few choices in our services that you can take advantage of, such as:

  • Trade Show Movers
  • Warehouse Distribution Movers
  • Equipment Movers
  • Crating and Rigging Movers
  • Electronics Movers
  • School Movers
  • Last Mile Movers
  • Home Delivery Movers
  • White Glove Movers

We will take care of your unique and more expensive items with extra attention and care. Our specialized movers are highly trained and certified, so you know your things are in safe hands. Our specialized movers accumulate 200 hours of on-site supervised training with 30 hours of classroom training.

Trade Show Movers in Detroit

Our expert specialty movers can deliver your trade show exhibit straight to your show site, and then turn around and take it right back to storage. Our expert movers will get your materials delivered on-site safely and at a great price. The only thing you will have to worry about is taking care of your own customers.
Warehouse Distribution Movers in Detroit

If normal storage options just aren’t enough then we have warehousing options that will suit your needs. Our warehouses are large enough to accommodate your business needs or larger household items. We also equipped our warehouses with state-of-the-art fire and theft protection technology. The warehouses are also temperature controlled with logistics and distribution services on top of everything else that we offer.

Detroit Equipment Movers

When you need a specialty moving company that can handle a certain type of residential or commercial equipment, we have you covered. Our specialty movers have all the necessary knowledge and training required for handling specialty equipment like large-scale lathes or print presses. We pay close attention and pay attention to even the smallest detail for your specialty move.

Crating and Rigging Movers for Detroit

When you have those expensive and fragile items that need that extra attention we will make sure that everything arrives safely. If it doesn’t fit in a box, we’ve got a plan. From fine art and antiques to specialty business equipment if it needs extra protection consider it safe with professional custom crating.

Electronics Movers for Detroit

The business world is powered by technology–and that means there is a lot more equipment to move around. Rest assured that we can handle relocating your high-value data and server equipment too. We are your specialty movers of choice when it comes to moving your highly valuable electronic devices. From office computer systems, IT equipment, and specialty business equipment everything is covered and moved with that extra TLC.

School Movers in Detroit

Are you temporarily relocating classroom furniture for a remodel or moving into (or out of) a new building? We can safely move all of your school equipment and supplies without any issues. Whether you are moving locations and need specialty movers, or need short-term storage for renovations there is no need to worry about the safety of your things.

Last Mile Mover Options for Detroit

Our specialty moving company covers every inch of the continental US. While there is no distance too far, we specialize in handling the final delivery with last mile options. Let us help you finish the job with help to unload, unpack, and assemble your things for you. The last mile is often hard to plan for from a logistics standpoint. Don’t leave the frustration to the end, let us help you all the way into your new home or business.

Detroit Home Delivery Movers

For 80 years we’ve been leading the way on home deliveries both big and small. We will get your personal belongings delivered safe and sound to your new location. Our expert specialty movers are the best in the business and will take great care of your home.

Detroit White Glove Movers

Get a full-service experience from start to finish with attentive white glove moving services. Every customer has different needs and sometimes those needs mean they need an extra level of care. If you have heavy, specialty, or expensive items that need that extra care then we will gladly put on the gloves and pay extra close attention to your things.

Contact Us For Your Specialty Moving Needs

For nearly 80 years we have been the top choice for all specialty moves in Detroit and all surrounding areas. With our expert packers and movers, your items could not be in better hands. All of our drivers use United Van Lines to add to the extra protection your belongings get. When you contact us we will set up your free no obligation in-home survey with a written survey. And we not only do moving options like residential or senior moving, but we also offer storage options both short and long-term for your convenience. Call for a free specialty moving estimate in Detroit today.

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Local move

I needed a small amount of furniture and a few appliances moved locally. And was up against a deadline. After speaking with Steve Vigo and sending pics of the items he got me scheduled that same week. On the morning of the moving day Carson and Clayt...

Rolf L.

When is the best time to move?

If there is a choice, most moving companies suggest you select a time other than summer, the end of the month or the end-of-year holidays. The heaviest demands are placed on vans, equipment and personnel during these periods.

However, Frisbie Moving & Storage believes you should move when it is most convenient for you. Factors involved in the decision may include:

  • whether the move must be made immediately
  • moving children during the school term
  • separation of the family while the move is under way

If the move can be scheduled for a time when vans and trained personnel are more readily available, we'll be better able to meet your preferred delivery schedule.

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