When moving to a new destination, we often want to save as much money as possible. However, knowing where to cut costs can be challenging for many people planning their relocation.

As an experienced moving and storage company, we have helped numerous customers cut moving costs. This article will provide actionable steps to reduce costs during a residential move.

Have a Neighborhood Sale

If you want to give unwanted items to those who want them, you can set up a neighborhood sale. Garage or yard sales are a good way to unite the community and sell items. 

Some of the most sought-after used items for buyers are clothing, electronics, and furniture. If you want to reduce the number of items you bring with you, the best way is by selling them. 

Donate Unwanted Items and Non-Perishable Food

For those living in apartments or condos, a neighborhood sale is generally not viable. If you want to eliminate unwanted items before moving day, donating them to a charity is a good method. A local charity or church will take many of your unwanted items.

Along with items like clothing or furniture, you can donate non-perishable items to a food bank. A food charity will accept non-perishable foods and give them to those needing assistance in your local area. 

Use Your Household Fabrics as Packing Material

When you want to cut costs during a relocation, you may need to get a little creative with your approach. One effective way to cut costs on packing materials is by using household fabrics you own. 

Fabrics like towels and blankets can add padding to your moving boxes during transportation. However, we don't recommend using household fabrics for fragile items and recommend custom crating from residential movers

Ask About Reusable Moving Supplies

Along with household fabrics, you can cut costs by utilizing reusable moving supplies during the journey. When working with a local mover, ask if they offer supplies such as moving pads and wardrobe boxes. 

Many movers will offer these reusable supplies for no extra charge. If you want to reduce moving box costs, you can visit your local department stores and ask if they have any product shipping boxes. 

Empty Self-Storage Ahead of Time

Do you have items stored in a self-storage unit? While a moving company can help you empty the storage unit, this will require additional labor hours and fuel. If you want to minimize relocation costs, you should empty your storage ahead of time.

When emptying a storage unit, you can consolidate them by donating or discarding them. Start this consolidation process early to avoid stress leading up to the moving date. 

Choosing A Low Cost Moving Company

When looking for a moving company, the first thing many people look for is the price of the service. However, the costs of the service should not be the only consideration when hiring a mover.

Some other factors you should look for are the following:

  • Online Reputation
  • Service Options 
  • Awards and Industry Affiliations

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