Finding a reputable moving company can be overwhelming when a quick internet search returns hundreds of options. Before settling on a broker who advertises a deal, there are considerations to bear in mind. Here are the benefits of using a moving company versus a moving broker.

Moving Services Provided

Residential movers are actual people who come and perform services such as packing, transportation, and logistics planning. Moving Brokers do not perform services and only help connect you to a moving company providing a middleman situation.

Item Damage Protection & Reimbursement

Moving companies are legally obligated to reimburse customers for damaged household goods. They also offer full replacement value protection. Moving brokers don’t provide reimbursement protection and do not assist in the claims process if damage occurs.

Reputation Research

Reviews are frequently a significant consideration in any buying process. Moving companies work face-to-face with customers, who often leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau website. It can be difficult to find reviews for brokers since no physical services are provided.

Licensing Requirements

Moving companies are required to seek authorization through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport goods across stateliness. They must also show proof of that status. Brokers have no such legal requirements or official backing.

Moving Trucks and Equipment

Moving companies own or lease their trucks, equipment, and warehouse spaces. They work with these assets daily and know the specifications if you seek specialty services such as air-ride technology. Most brokers don’t own equipment or know the details because they don’t perform physical services.

Support Local Economy 

Due to the physical need for real estate, employees, and community support involvement, moving companies support their local economy by hiring locals, paying taxes, and using partners. Brokers operate over the phone or the internet and can be located anywhere in the world.

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