The holidays are a busy time of year. People travel and gather in celebration. When you think about the holiday season, you might not think of moving. Still, there are some benefits to moving in the off-season, including lowered fees and a slower-paced move.

The trick to nailing a smooth holiday move is in preparation. To help you cash in on a holiday move, we’ve put together a few tips, tricks, and ideas.

Budget in Advance

Certain holiday celebrations, like Christmas, tend to get out of hand with shopping, gift-giving, and budgeting. Don’t let your relocation cramp your generosity or get you in trouble. Get an estimate well in advance; that way, you have a fully funded residential move, and then you can focus on gifts.

Preschedule Your Residential Move

Many people take time off during the holidays to spend with friends and family. Your long-distance movers are no different; many also schedule time off. If you plan to move during a major holiday, ensure your moving company is fully staffed by scheduling your services months in advance.

Start Packing Early to Avoid Stress

The last thing you want to do during the hustle and bustle of everything is worry about packing up your house. Get a jump start on packing duties. That way, you can gather in celebration without going through household items.

Donate to a Charity

Around the holidays is the perfect time to donate. While packing, you’ll likely find items you don’t use anymore or don’t want to pay to have moved. Your unneeded item could be what someone is looking for.

Label Your Decorations Clearly

Of course, you’re not going to decorate a home you’re moving from. You’ll want to get in the spirit when you get to your new residence. Label holiday decorations. That way, you’ll have easier access to them later.

Hold Off on Holiday Sales

You might be able to snag a new flatscreen TV at a great price but think about moving and paying for that purchase before deciding on the deal. You might not want to purchase large items before a big move.

Give the Gift of Hosting

If your home is where people usually gather, you might make someone else’s holiday joy brighter if you give them a turn at hosting this year. It’ll be more comfortable to not be surrounded by boxes and it takes a task off your plate.

If you’re looking for a completely stress-free relocation, consider hiring a professional residential mover. Frisbie Moving and Storage has nearly 100 years of proven reliable moving services. Give them a call today.