Planning a long-distance move is a huge event, and quite exciting. You're probably ecstatic to get your old home all packed up and transported so that you can settle into your new life elsewhere. Even the journey to your new home on moving day can be thrilling if you're moving a significant distance away. As enthusiastic as you may be about the experience, know that there may be some bumps along the way. A long-distance move is a huge logistical process, and there are bound to be hiccups. In this blog, we'll address some common unexpected incidents that come up during a move, and what you can do to prepare for them. Preparation is key and will drastically reduce any stress should these incidents occur.

Damaged Items During Packing

There are countless fragile items found in the home that need to be very carefully packed. If you're handling your packing yourself, be sure to have the right materials for things like dishes, glasses, and other delicate items. There are custom, compartmentalized boxes that can be used for dishware, and these prevent them from bouncing around. Additionally, always be sure to add lots of extra padding within the box. To avoid any damage, it's best to let your long-distance movers handle the packing. They're trained on best practices, and most moves come with damage protection insurance that'll safeguard the value of your possessions.

Delays With Your Residential Movers

Due to weather, truck shortages, or unexpected road inconveniences, your movers may not arrive exactly when expected. It's important to pack enough belongings in your own car so that you can live for a few days without the rest of your home. Pack multiple days' worth of clothes, some cooking supplies, and personal toiletries so that you're not left with zero items.

Preparing for Vehicle Troubles on Your Detroit Move

If you're making a substantial drive across the country, you should always be prepared for unexpected car breakdowns. Even newer cars can run into problems, but if you have a car with high mileage, this is especially something to consider. Precautions you can take include:

  • Sign Up for Roadside Assistance Services
  • Carry a Spare Tire and Jumper Cables
  • Carry Extra Water, Blankets, Flashlights
  • Have Money Saved for Unexpected Repair Costs

Entrust a Moving and Storage Company

Moving is best left to the professionals. If you're planning on making a long-distance move from Detroit, consider the expert residential movers at Frisbie Moving & Storage. We've been serving the area since 1930, and are proud to be a United Van Lines partner, ensuring you the highest quality moving services. Our team is highly trained, screened, and certified, and we even have extensive storage options should you need them. Get started with us today and request a free quote.