When it comes to packing and moving it’s easy to get lost in the details when you start without any specific plans. While you might think that you know how to pack or what to do, many people end up getting overwhelmed and simply filling boxes to get the job done.

This is not the way to properly attack this situation, the best way to go about this is to keep it slow and keep things organized and utilize the different types of boxes available. Yes, that is correct there are different kinds of moving boxes, not just the standard large, medium, and small. There are many options available to you with specific uses that can help you with your packing. 

Small Boxes

These boxes are great for packing up your canned goods out of your pantry and heavier objects. Also, a great use would be to pack all your reading materials as well like books and magazines.

Medium Boxes

These are the most popular choices and most utilized. The most popular choices of boxes are a medium square that can hold a vast number of items. You just have to be careful to not overfill the box and run the risk of pushing the weight limit. These boxes are sturdy and can hold a lot, but it’s never safe to exceed weight limits.

Large Boxes

Large boxes offer more room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can hold more items. In fact, the weight limit on a large box is even more important. The best way to use these boxes are to fill them with lighter bulky items. Towels and bed covers are the best way to use these boxes.

Television Boxes

Just as the name implies these are for holding your large flat-screen televisions. These are designed to add extra protection and have handles that add extra carrying security. 

Electronics Boxes

These boxes are made with thicker sides that offer extra protection for things like video game systems, pcs and monitors, and radios.

Dish Boxes

The best way to pack your glassware and plates. These boxes have dividers that keep all the items separate to keep from breaking.

Wardrobe Boxes

If you have a nice formal outfit and attire that you need to keep wrinkle-free and safe use this box. It’s a longer box that holds the entire outfit and has a rod built-in on the top so you can hang your clothes.

Custom Crating

If you have really expensive items or things that are too big to fit in any box, then there is always a custom crating option for you to use. You need to coordinate this with a moving company so they can schedule a shipping order for you. Things like fine art or antiques, or vehicles that you need shipped.

Mattress Bags and Boxes

Moving box springs and mattresses might be the worst part of moving. Big, bulky, heavy and hard to move and more times than not end up getting dragged on the ground. A plastic bag will offer some protection, but for a small extra bit of money you can get a mattress box. Like the TV box it has handles to add with helping carrying everything.

Picture and Mirror Boxes

This is another box that is pretty self-explanatory, these are made to hold your wall art and your mirrors. These offer protection to keep your mirrors from breaking.

File Boxes

Most people are just going to leave their paperwork in their desks and filing cabinets. When you do this you run the risk of a drawer flying open during transport and spilling its contents everywhere. Not to mention this just adds unneeded weight to these objects making them harder to move. File boxes offers a great way to keep your important paperwork safe and organized.

Extra Tall Boxes

Everyone has those objects that are simply too tall to fit in any boxes. Floor lamps and golf clubs will fit great into these boxes.

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