Moving day is a LOT of work, so even if you’re looking forward to the relocation, you’re probably not excited about all it takes to complete the move. For many people completing a DIY move, the end result is an injury—sometimes serious—as a result of failing to use safe moving techniques.

If you’re not going to hire Farmington long-distance movers to do the heavy lifting, keep these tips in mind to help prevent moving-day injuries.

Before the Move

Get a good night’s rest before moving day, so you won’t be dragging while trying to haul heavy boxes. It’s also helpful to do some light stretching to get your muscles ready for the work ahead.

Bending and Lifting

Most moving-day injuries happen while bending or lifting. That’s often because some people aren’t aware of proper techniques. The following are examples of techniques to help you avoid strains and sprains:

  • Spread your feet apart to provide a wide base when lifting.
  • Bend at the knees rather than at the waist.
  • Tighten stomach muscles as you lift for extra support.
  • Lift slowly while using the muscles in your knees and hips.
  • When setting objects down, keep back straight and squat.
  • Stand close to the object you’re lifting.
  • Never bend forward when lifting.

The Right Tools

Rent or purchase moving tools to make moving heavy objects easier. Hand trucks, furniture lifting tools, and stair rollers are useful tools. Once you use them, you’ll never want to move without them.

Hire a Trusted Moving Company

The most effective way to avoid injuries is to hire residential movers in Farmington The moving professionals from Frisbie Moving & Storage have years of experience and are highly trained, so they’ll make light work of the heavy lifting! 

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