It’s easy enough to pack most of your belongings into boxes and move them to your new home. But some of your larger and more valuable items present unique challenges when it comes to safely making the trip. That’s why we have rounded up some tips from experienced Ann Arbor long-distance movers to help you out.

Types of Large, Fragile Items to Watch For

Do you have a plan for moving all your belongings? What about your large-screen TVs, antique furniture, or artwork? Many of these items require special handling during moving, but your moving and storage company should be equipped to handle them.

The best way to pack large-screen TVs is in their original manufacturer's box. If that’s no longer an option, ask for a TV moving box from any residential moving company. These electronics are so common in households across America that replacement boxes are readily available.

Sculptures, statues, and other artwork have the unique dilemma of often being far more valuable than their size or composition would suggest. This is a two-pronged problem. First, you need to figure out how to move a large, fragile, and awkward-shaped piece of art without damaging it. Our residential movers in Ann Arbor recommend custom crating for the best protection. Second, you may need to purchase specialty valuation coverage for your valuable items. Standard coverage typically pays out based on size or weight, not on value.

Best Tips from Residential Movers for these Items

Working with experienced home movers is your best chance to have a successful move with no damage. But even hiring a reputable company isn’t foolproof. You should take extra precautions when packing your valuable belongings, like:

  1. Boxing: Use the right size boxes with approximately two inches of space to the outer carton for packing material.
  2. Custom Crating: For oversized items that do not fit in a traditional box, limit the physical space requirement using a custom-built crate made from plywood and filled with soft packing material.
  3. Separation: Transport valuable items separately in your own vehicle when possible.
  4. Coverage: Ask about additional protection options for valuable items.
  5. Keep Upright: In most cases, like TVs, items should remain upright during the entire trip.

Choose the Right Household Moving Company

If you’re a curating of fine art or state-of-the-art technology, the first question you should ask potential moving companies is how they can protect your most valuable belongings. Frisbie Moving & Storage has more than 80 years of experience serving Ann Arbor homeowners. We are a proud member of United Van Lines, providing custom crating and rigging options for your most valuable goods. Call today to get a personalized quote for your next move.