Embarking on a long-distance move from Northville is not an easy task. It requires a lot of emotional, mental, and physical strength. But this does not take away the fact that at one point or the other in life, we all have to move to a new place.

However, you need to consider some factors when moving to a new location. These factors include how to pack, when to move, the Northville long-distance movers to reach out to, and so on. Because of all these many things involved in executing a move, people hardly remember to include the safety of the environment and the impact their move might have on it.

As luck would have it, our residential movers in Northville are here to give you some valuable tips on how you can reduce the impact of your relocation on the environment. In this article, you will get tips that both moving companies and clients can implement to protect the environment during a move. These tips will help you minimize the impact of your relocation on the environment.

Tips for Moving Companies

1. Minimizing Fuel Usage

One of the ways you can impart the environment positively is by minimizing the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the air. And to achieve this, it is advised that long-distance movers should combine the shipment of their clients who have small properties into a single truck. Also, truck tires should be well inflated to minimize fuel usage.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Re-Usable Packing Materials

Using eco-friendly materials goes a long way in protecting the environment. Therefore, moving companies should provide re-usable wardrobe boxes to their clients for transporting their hangable clothing. They should also provide plastic crates for employees relocating to another office branch in another state to store their working items in them during a corporate move.

3. Use Protective Packing Materials

Moving blankets and large rubber bands are ideal for wrapping large items. Using bubble rolls and tapes would only result in wastage of both the resources and the money used in purchasing them. Moving blankets and large rubber bands protect the large items better than any bubble rolls or tapes.

4. Environmentally-Friendly Practices for Business Operations

Incorporating green practices in your work culture and ethics as a professional moving company and instilling in your employees these practices would help sustain the environment. These practices include:

  • The Use of Recyclable Office Products
  • Servicing Your Truck Fleet in Environmentally-Friendly Manner
  • Using Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Supplies
  • Encouraging Employees to Recycle When at Work and Home
  • Installing Wind/Solar Power Panels to Help Power Your Facilities

Tips for Moving Clients

1. Follow the Local Community Disposal Methods

If you want to dispose of items like paints, gas, oil, household chemicals, electronics, or appliances, you need to follow the disposal directives of your local community. Also, ensure these items are no longer fit for donations before you dispose of them.

2. Recycle or Donate Unwanted Household Items and Clothing

Household items and clothes which are still in good condition can be donated to charity or recycled, depending on the choice you make. Do not throw them away because that is wasteful and harmful to the environment. Also, you can give out non-perishable food items to a local food pantry rather than moving them with you.

3. Maximizing Eco-Friendly Packing Items in Your Home

You do not have to buy new packing materials when it’s time to pack your belongings. You should maximize the old boxes you have in your home; ensure they are in good shape, though. You can also use soft items you already have, like clothing, towels, and blankets, to pad your delicate items.

4. Work with an Environmentally Responsible Moving Company

When planning your relocation, work with an eco-friendly professional moving company that knows and follows the community guidelines on keeping the environment safe. Ensure that they follow these guidelines and that they have imbibed the culture of keeping the environment safe as part of their business practices.

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