Worried about relocating far away with your high-value collectibles? While moving your belongings isn’t easy, it’s even more challenging with delicate, older, or fragile items that must be treated with care.

However, you can manage it with a little help from the right residential movers in Livonia and Suburban Detroit, and a few of these quick tips.

Tip 1: Using the Proper Packing Supplies for Smaller Items

When packing your valuable items, it’s vital that you use the right materials for the job. Different types of collectibles will require different packaging and care to ensure they remain secure in transport. Here are a few recommendations, like:

  • Packing paper to wrap around glass and ceramics.
  • Packing peanuts to fill in the empty space around boxed items.
  • Bubble roll to provide a little extra cushion around dishware, sculptures, or lamps.
  • Dish pack cartons with dividers to hold small statues, sculptures, and glassware.

You’ll also want to get plenty of packing tape and boxes to hold your wrapped items in for transport. Be careful about where you put tape as it can cause damage to the original packaging of toys and other collectibles when removed.

Tip 2: Consider Professional Packing & Unpacking Services

It’s also a good idea to hire a professional moving company with fragile-only or custom-crating moving services. These movers have the training and the materials necessary to provide proper packing of your collectibles. Plus, you’ll save a lot of effort and time by getting help with your move.

Tip 3: Using Moving Blankets for Larger Items

Make sure to wrap your furniture in a large blanket or sleeping bag. Movers like to use moving blankets that are thick to add a little extra protection to furniture that may have a delicate finish. This prevents scratching of the finish and helps keep the corners of your furniture from damaging the walls.

Tip 4: Consider Custom-Crating for Your Collectibles

If you do choose to hire a moving company, really consider custom-crating for high-value furniture and artwork. Your mover can build a wood crate that is the exact same dimensions of your item to ensure it doesn’t move around in transit. These crates are also much stronger than cardboard boxes so you don’t have to worry about it being crushed.

Tip 5: Consider Paying for More Protection

Look into Full Value Protection coverage for collectibles you have shipped with a moving company. By law, movers are required to offer Released Value Protection on the items they transport for customers. This is a type of free basic valuation coverage that provides damage reimbursement based on the item’s weight rather than replacement value.

If you are moving valuables, basic valuation coverage just doesn’t cut it. Make sure to pay a little extra for one of the Full Value Protection options provided by your Suburban Detroit long-distance movers.

Tip 6: Consider Self-Transport of Small Collectibles

If you have small collectibles of extreme value, it may be better to transport them yourself in the car or even on a plane. You’ll feel better knowing that these items are within reach. Plus, you might save a little bit on Valuation Protection Coverage.

Some high-value collectibles to consider self-transporting include:

  • Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Card Collections

If you can’t self-transport, it might be better to look into specialty shipping services for these few items. Couriers and other shippers can provide fast delivery and a higher level of protection for certain collectibles.

Tip 7: You Might Want to Get Warehouse Storage

If you are moving to a new home but won’t be able to move into it right away, temporary storage of your collectibles may be necessary. Ask your professional movers if they offer warehouse storage services. Many companies do provide climate-controlled storage with wooden vaults to keep items safe from theft or loss.

Have Frisbie Moving & Storage Transport Your Collectibles

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of a long-distance move with your collectibles, turn to Frisbie Moving & Storage for support. As agents with United Van Lines, we have access to a nationwide network of movers who can help safely relocate your valuables.

Our residential movers in Livonia and Suburban Detroit also handle a variety of needs for our customers. We’ll be happy to create a moving plan that includes:

  • Full-Service Packing & Unpacking
  • Custom-Crating Services
  • Senior Moving Services
  • White Glove Moving Services
  • Household or Records Storage
  • Full-Value Coverage

If you are ready to get started with a long-distance move in Suburban Detroit, call Frisbie Moving & Storage. We offer complimentary cost estimates and consultations. You can also fill out our online form to ask for more information about our moving services.