Does a long-distance move sound time-consuming, stressful, and maybe even a little intimidating? That doesn’t have to be the case at all, because our Detroit long-distance movers at Frisbee Moving & Storage are here to share their best long-distance moving tips for moving stress-free.

Reducing Stress on Yourself

If you’re the one organizing everything going into your long-distance move to a new home, the last thing you want is to feel worried about the tiny details. To help you move as stress-free as possible, we recommend researching long-distance moving companies online to see who has the best reviews in your area.

Reputable moving companies will have great online reviews, and they may have won awards you can look into, too. Choosing long-distance movers you can trust will go a long way into making sure there aren’t any unnecessary hiccups on the road, which means less stress for you. Also, relying on professionals to safely pack away your valuables for transport, like our highly-trained experts at Frisbee Moving & Storage, will be much easier than trying to do it all yourself.

Reducing Stress on Your Children

Making the big decision to move somewhere far away is very exciting, but your child may feel apprehensive to leave their old school, friends, and neighborhood. To help your child feel more at home in your new destination and to ease their worries about leaving where you are now, we recommend:

  • Including Your Child in Moving Plans as Much as Possible
  • Showing Your Child All the Positive Aspects of Your Move
  • Moving in the Middle of the School Year so They’ll Quickly Make Friends
  • Enrolling Your Child in an Extracurricular Activity in the New Location

Reducing Stress on Your Pets

Your four-legged friends will warm up to a new home once they get there, but the journey and the first few days in a new house can feel stressful to them. To help ease your animals into a new living space worry-free, our long-distance movers recommend:

  • Bringing Your Pet’s Favorite Treats, Blankets, and Toys on the Move
  • Giving Your Pet Time to Adjust to the New House Before Taking it to New Places
  • Crate-Training Your Pet Before the Move so They are Used to the Crate
  • Setting Up Your Animal’s Bed and Toys in the New Home Quickly When You Arrive

Reducing Stress on Your Plants

Believe it or not, plants can get stressed by a long-distance move, too. To make sure your plants don’t succumb to extreme temperature changes or other environmental shocks, we recommend:

  • Packing Potted Plants Tightly Together so They Won’t Fall During Transport
  • Giving Plants a Lot of Water Directly Before Your Long-Distance Move Begins
  • Potting Unpotted Plants for the Move, and Replanting as Soon as You Arrive
  • Using Pots that Won’t Break During the Moving Process, Such as Plastic Pots

Our Detroit Long-Distance Movers Want to Help You

Our Detroit long-distance movers at Frisbee Moving & Storage would like to share more tips and their expert services with you during your long-distance move. We offer premium quality in terms of our packing materials, and our specialized services in crating, carefully wrapping and padding furniture, and packing will have you where you need to go in no time. Additionally, our storage solutions and highly reputable van line affiliation with United Van Lines sets us apart in terms of high-value services.

To learn more about our long-distance moving services and how you can reduce moving stress on yourself, please call our team of Detroit long-distance movers or fill out our easy online form to get in contact with us.