At Frisbie Moving & Storage, our commitment to customer satisfaction starts and ends long before and after your move. In fact, even if you choose not to go with our Ann Arbor movers, we still want to make sure you’ve had a safe and satisfactory relocation.

A few weeks ago, we followed up with a client who decided to use another moving company. Let’s call her Abigail. A few days after her planned move date, we emailed Abigail to make sure she made it to her destination in northern Michigan.

It turns out that she made it there fine—but her stuff? Nearly all broken or “missing.” She also told us that she ended up being charged $4,000 more than the original cost estimate.

What a nightmare!

We aren’t saying that Abigail should have chosen us—far from it! We want all our clients to make the choice that’s best for their family, whether that’s us or not. But if you do decide to go with another moving company in Ann Arbor, we want it to be a reputable one.

To avoid the disappointment that Abigail recently shared with us, we encourage you to keep the following tips in mind.

3 Tips to Avoid Moving Nightmares

1. Hire a professional Ann Arbor moving company.

The company that Abigail chose was obviously unprofessional—no reputable company would surprise a customer to the tune of $4,000. But how can you know who is professional? It’s not as hard as it sounds; just look for things like:

·  Documented professional moving experience

·  Labor-certified moving crews

·  Transparency in employee training and credentials

·  Affiliation with a nationwide or global van line

2. Do research.

Most of these moving nightmares can be avoided by doing a little homework before hiring your Ann Arbor movers. Check reviews for all the companies you are considering, not only on their own websites but on third-party sites as well.

In addition to past reviews, do research about the company’s valuation options—a higher level of valuation coverage would have helped Abigail reclaim some of her losses.

3. Understand your quote.

This was probably the most critical problem with Abigail’s moving company: they did not come to her house to provide an estimate. Instead, they chose to “just go over everything” on the phone. If your movers suggest skipping the in-home estimate, hang up immediately! They are not reputable.

To avoid this problem, make sure your movers come to your home for a thorough discussion and inspection before providing a quote. Also be sure to understand whether your quote is firm (“binding”) or not. If you feel more comfortable with a guaranteed price, feel free to request a binding quote, which gives a specific price and is usually good for 60 days.

Protect Yourself by Choosing a Trustworthy Ann Arbor Moving Company

We’re proud of our industry and believe that most moving companies are honest and hard-working—but what happened to Abigail could unfortunately happen to anyone. Save yourself the cost and stress by searching for and choosing reputable professional movers.

To see how a trusted Ann Arbor moving company treats customers, get in touch with Frisbie Moving & Storage today! We’d be happy to explain our services and help you get the hassle-free move you deserve. Call us or submit our quick online form now!