Birmingham attracts movers from all over, and for many reasons. The city’s unique combination of history, culture, and Southern charm is evident in several must-see destinations for residents and visitors alike. Here are just some of the favorites of our Birmingham movers:

Birmingham Movers

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Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

This cultural and educational landmark promotes an appreciation for the significant civil rights developments in the city of Birmingham. Learn about the Birmingham movement of the 60’s, the freedom rides, and the integral role the city played in America’s civil rights movement. People of all ages will leave with and understanding and appreciation of the story of Birmingham.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Many are surprised to learn that the world’s largest motorcycle museum resides in Birmingham, AL. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum presents motorcycles as works of art, displaying rare bikes in a gallery setting much like an art museum. The museum regularly draws rave reviews from visitors who often take to the Internet to sing its praises after they visit.

Regions Field

Home to Minor League Baseball’s Birmingham Barons, Regions Field is a state-of-the-art ballpark located in the newly developed Parkside District. While baseball in Birmingham can be traced back to the 1880’s, the present version of the Barons has played to Birmingham crowds since 1981. In 1994, NBA superstar Michael Jordan’s stint with the squad garnered national attention, and the Barons shattered their previous season attendance record. Visit Regions Field for history, unique seating areas, and gorgeous views of the downtown skyline.

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