Whether they’re your soft, scaly, or furry friends, your pets can sometimes be a little tricky to move. Between coordinating the relocation of everything you own and keeping them happy throughout the process, it can be a bit stressful at times. Our Detroit metro movers know that moving with pets requires careful planning and preparation. That’s why we’ve developed the following steps so you and your pets are ready come moving day!

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1.  Plan ahead of time. Thinking out the entire process of moving with your pet is important. Does your pet easily get car-sick? Does he or she require a crate, litterbox, or other restraints for the car ride? If you are long distance moving and require an overnight stay, make sure you find pet-friendly hotels ahead of time.

2.  See the vet. It’s also extremely important to pay a visit to the vet before you leave for your new home. Updating your furry friend’s tags and getting a microchip are good ways to ensure your pet’s safety during the move. Additionally, if you plan on flying with your pet, most airlines require an up-to-date health certificate that you can get from your vet. Keep in mind that pet health certificates can also be required when crossing into a new state.

3.  Pack accordingly. It’s getting close to moving day so you want to make sure you pack all the essentials separately and keep with you during the drive or flight. Food, water, grooming tools, litter, and medication are all things you want to have with you. Also, make sure to pack extra food in case you can’t find it when you get to your new town.

4.  Moving Day!! Believe it or not, moving day can also be stressful on your pets. Make sure to keep them in the yard or in a single room away from the hustle and bustle of moving. This way, they’ll be safe and calm, not to mention they won’t be running under your feet!

Moving with pets is all about a comfortable transition. It’s true that animals are pretty intuitive when it comes to changes like moving. Just make sure that they get the attention they need during your move.

Our Detroit metro residential movers are well versed in moves involving household pets. For more of our pet-moving tips and tricks, contact one of our Frisbie Moving and Storage representatives today!