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What's important about moving...

You want all of your possessions to arrive at your new home on time, in good condition, at a fair price. ...That is exactly what we, at Frisbie, are trained to do.

From the first pre-planning stages, through our free estimates, protective packaging, your moving out and moving in, you'll find our personnel and equipment professionally capable. Your treasures, antiques, particular needs and favorite possessions are our special concern. We're ready to do the job for you the way you want it done... The way we've done it for over 79 years.

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79 Years In Business!

Frisbie Truck
Frisbie Moving & Storage has been serving customers since 1930. That's almost 80 years of excellence! learn more...

If you must leave your goods in temporary or permanent storage, our warehouse has complete facilities and meets strict standards for construction and safety. We've listened and learned what moving families need. That's why we offer a better moving service.

You can contact us today at (800) 521-7565 to discuss your moving needs with one of our experienced, professional representatives. We look forward to it!

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